Residential Solar

Solarize Frederick of Frederick County

SAM_4978The Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources is offering homeowners the opportunity to install solar on their homes at a reduced cost as a result of contracting with a solar installer who will give the group cheaper prices through bulk purchasing. While this is a county initiative this same approach can be used by any group anywhere in the state seeking lower installation costs when going solar.

The contact person for the Frederick County program is Lisa Orr at

Love Point Community of Kent Island

A small residential community of the northern tip of Kent Island is seeking a host site for a solar PV installation it would like to finance through a joint investment.

Contact person is Dean Horowitz at

SAM_5843Americana Centre Condominium of Rockville

The Americana Centre is a 425- unit garden apartment and high rise complex in the heart of Rockville. This complex was built at a time when utilities were frequently master-metered and still has only two electrical meters on the entire site. A plan/proposal is now being developed by resident and staff member of the Green Building Institute for an investor project that would locate PV arrays on multiple roofs.

Contact person is John Becker at


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