Past Legislation Work

Last year, Maryland SUN worked on passing a community solar bill . Unfortunately, our efforts were not enough, and the bill did not make it into law last year.

We will continue with this effort in the coming years because we believe that this is a crucial step to make Maryland a more solar friendly and equitable state.

communitysolarCommunity Energy Generating Facilities (or CEGF) enable groups of citizens to ‘subscribe’ and jointly own renewable energy facilities, even if they are not on your roof. With these facilities, community members can produce clean power at sites near (but not on) their own house and get a credit on their monthly electric bill. These models are now being developed and implemented in many other states and communities across the United States.

This allows people with unsuitable roofs for solar, or people who rent, to go solar. Similarly, this allows Maryland roofs to get more investment in community solar panels; a win-win for solar.

Last year, Senators Pinsky, Frosh, Montgomery and Rosapepe, and Delegates Healey, Gaines, and Washington supported bills SB0699 and HB1128, which referred to community solar.
This is the text for the bill: Electricity – Community Energy–Generating Facilities – Pilot Program

In efforts to get this bill passed, a coalition of environmental and community organizations in Maryland distributed and signed this letter: Sign-on Letter

Additionally, we distributed these educational flyers for representatives and citizens:
Fact Sheet for Citizens

Fact Sheet for Legislators

This is a list of documents used to promote and educate people about Community Energy Generating Facilities (CEGFs):
Fact Sheet for Legislators

Fact Sheet for Citizens

Solar Bill, Sign On Letter

Drop Letter for Delegates

Drop Letter for Senators

Text of the Bill

Amended Bill and the summary of proposed amendments


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