Solar Bulk Purchases

MD SUN is working with groups of neighbors around the state to organize neighborhood solar bulk purchases. Check out these ongoing bulk purchase programs:

What is a bulk purchase?

The bulk purchase is based on the same principle as buying in bulk at Costco. By going solar as a group the participants can save on the total cost of installation.

As a group, all of the participants go through the process of purchasing solar energy systems together. The group uses a competitive bidding process to select a single contractor to install systems on all of the participating homes. Each participant signs their own contract with the installer.

Don’t see a bulk purchase in your neighborhood? Start one!

If you’re interested in going solar and want to get a discount, we can help you organize a neighborhood solar bulk purchase . We’ll take care of the solar-related parts of the bulk purchase (getting bids from installers, reviewing roofs, etc), if you can plan an info meeting and recruit neighbors to participate. A group needs about 20-30 people in order to get a discount from installers. Interested? Contact to get started.


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