Neighbors in Baltimore are working with the nonprofit Maryland SUN (MD SUN) to go solar as a group and get a discount.

Have you ever been interested in going solar but are not sure where to start? Join us!

Click here to sign up for the Baltimore neighborhood solar group.

What is a neighborhood solar group?

A neighborhood solar group is when a group of neighbors go solar together in order to get a discount. It’s based on the same principal as buying in bulk at Costco. By going solar as a group we can save on the total cost of installation.

As a group we all go through the process of purchasing solar systems together. The group selects a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes, but each participant owns their own system and signs their own contract with the installer.

What will it cost?

By going solar as a group we have received very competitive prices from local installers!

Table listing the cost to go solar

*Numbers are based on SolSystem’s November 2013 pricing 

System size (and, therefore, overall cost) will vary by house. Many installers also offer various financing options to further reduce the upfront cost.

More info

Check out the following resources for more info on the bulk purchase:

  • One page info sheet
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sign up page to join the group

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